Lumintop Tool AA V2 650 Lumens (Full Set)


"Probably still one of the ultimate 'AA' small form-factor lights out there, the Lumintop Tool AA continues to stay relevant in 2022 with its blistering 650 lumens of turbo on 14500 cells and a respectable brightness still using AA batteries in emergencies" - Fstop Lights

*This is the full set that includes a magnetic tailcap as well*




LED: Cree XP-L HD (Upgraded)

Output (Ni-MH AA): Low (3.7 lumens for 2.5 days), Medium (28 lumens for 12 hour 30 minutes), High (140 lumens for 2 hours 33 minutes), Turbo (270 lumens for 43 minutes), Strobe @ 140 lumens

Output (Alkaline AA): Low (3.7 lumens for 2.5 days), Medium (28 lumens for 11 hour 50 minutes), High (140 lumens for 49 minutes), Turbo (220 lumens for 21 minutes), Strobe @ 140 lumens

Output (3.7v 14500): Low (16 lumens for 37 hours), Medium (85 lumens for 6 hour 9 minutes), High (360 lumens for 1 hour 19 minutes), Turbo (650 lumens for 33 minutes), Strobe @ 360 lumens

Distance: 127 meters maximum

Intensity: 3,420 cd maximum

Impact Resistance: 1.5m

Waterproof: IP68 (underwater 2m) 

Size: 89.5*18.5mm

Working Voltage: 0.8-4.2V

Batteries Supported: 1*AA(Alkaline/Ni-Mh) or 1*14500

Package Includes: 1*Spare O-Ring, 1*Lanyard, 1*User Manual, 1*Warranty Card



1) Utilizes Cree XP-L HD LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours

2) Detachable body clip for two position installation, easy to clip on your pocket or a hat

3) High precision luminous reflector

4) Double-side AR coated, tempered window resists impact and thermal shock, max 99% light transmission

5) Waterproof to IPX-68 standard

6) Scope of applications: hiking, camping, Maintenance, home using, gifts, EDC gear, and emergency lighting

7) Operation: ON/OFF´╝ÜFully press the tail switch to turn ON/OFF the light; for magnetic version, just twist the light head to turn the light ON/OFF. With the light on, slightly press the switch or twist the light head to cycle through low-middle-high-turbo (for magnetic version)

8) Mode memory function recalls last use output when turning on the next time


Note: Click quickly for 5 times when light up to enter Strobe Mode


Max 650 Lumens


Four Outputs with Memory

Extremely handy and light-weight design

Use one 14500 Li-ion or AA cell

Two ways to operation

Diffuser included

Other features

IP68 rated protection

Technical Parameter