Klarus XT1A 1,000 Lumens Tactical EDC 14500/AA Flashlight (Full Set)


Klarus XT1A Tactical EDC

1x14500 Flashlight

The Klarus XT1A tactical EDC flashlight is back and is better than ever! This handheld lighting tool was originally available as a 1xAA light with a maximum output of 180 lumens. The new-and-improved Klarus XT1A has been rejuvenated and redesigned to deliver an even brighter output of 1000 lumens. This compact EDC flashlight is now compatible with the more powerful Li-ion 14500 battery and also includes the latest in develop of High Definition Cree LEDs with the XP-L lamp. Put these two features together to create a 1000-lumen flashlight that is small enough to carry with you everywhere, yet powerful enough to illuminate your campsite with ease.

Same Tactical Design, Now With Even More Features

While the Klarus XT1A is brighter and can now run on a 14500 battery (included), what hasn't changed is the light's overall design and user interface. This tactical EDC light still features the dual tail cap switch for effortless operation - one button acts as the primary switch, while the second allows a user to easily cycle through the different modes. As with all flashlights within Klarus' XT series, the XT1A offers two interfaces to personalize your experience: Tactical and Outdoor. The Tactical Setting interface is designed specifically for use as a tactical defense tool, offering instant access to the light's defensive Strobe and emergency SOS modes. The Outdoor Setting interface, on the other hand, is best suited for camping or hiking with its instant access to the 5-lumen Low mode. In-between uses, we recommend activating the light's lockout setting to prevent the flashlight from accidentally turning on, while stored in your pocket or pack.

In addition to having versatile settings to accommodate users' varying needs, the Klarus XT1A tactical flashlight also includes a built-in battery capacity indicator that notifies a user of the light's remaining battery power. Now, with the XT1A EDC, there is no longer a need to play the game of "how much juice does my battery have left?" The 1x14500 flashlight is equipped with an LED indicator light that flashes for five seconds when the light is first powered on. A green indicator represents a full battery, while an orange light means that the battery has between 30% and 70% capacity left. Red means there is less than 30% capacity left, while a flashing red light means that the battery needs to be recharged or replaced immediately. As an added bonus, the rechargeable 14500 Li-ion battery that is included with your purchase is equipped with a built-in Micro USB port for quick-and-easy recharging. As you can see, the Klarus XT1A tactical flashlight has been dramatically upgraded to suit the ever-changing demands of an EDC light.


  • Compact size is perfect for everyday carrying

  • Easy-to-use interface - One Touch Strobe, One Touch Turbo, One Touch Low, SOS

  • Built-in power indicator notifies a user when battery power is running low

  • Patented tactical tailcap dual-switch control allows for one-handed operation

  • Two interfaces: Intelligent Temperature Protection System maintains the light's internal temperature and keeps LED and crucial components safe

    • Tactical Setting: Designed for self-defense and tactical use. Classic KLARUS XT series control interface. One Touch Strobe; One Touch Turbo; perfect force multiplier for any mission
    • Outdoor Setting: Designed with the wilderness in mind. One Touch Low; One Touch Turbo; Multiple output levels, SOS function; meets all requirements in Hunting, Hiking, Camping or Search and Rescue
  • Lock-out function prevents accidental activation in-between use

  • Reverse Polarity Protection eliminates damage from incorrect battery insertion

  • Aerospace Aluminum alloy body with CNC machining; Mil-spec hard anodizing (HA III); lightweight and robust construction

  • Hardened glass lens with scratch resistant AR coating

  • 5-year manufacturer's warranty covers defective product

  • Included accessories:

    • 1 x pocket clip
    • 1 x lanyard
    • 1 x micro USB 14500 Li-ion battery
    • 1 x spare O-ring
    • 1 x micro USB charging cable


  • LED: 1 x Cree XP-L HD V6 with 50,000-hour lifetime

  • Power Source: 1 x 14500 (Included) or 1 x AA

  • Peak Beam Distance:

    • High - 182 meters (597.11 ft.)
    • Medium - 51 meters (167.32 ft.)
    • Low - 13 meters (42.65 ft.)
  • Peak Beam Intensity:

    • High - 8281 cd.
    • Medium - 650 cd.
    • Low - 42 cd.
  • Brightness Outputs (Using 1 x 14500):

    • High - 1000 lumens - 1 hour
    • Medium - 80 lumens - 4 hours 30 minutes
    • Low - 5 lumens - 37 hours
    • Strobe - 1000 lumens - 2 hours
    • SOS - 80 lumens - 13 hours 30 minutes
  • Brightness Outputs (Using 1 x AA):IPX Rating: IPX-8, submersible up to 2 meters

    • High - 300 lumens - 1 hour
    • Medium - 80 lumens - 2 hours 18 minutes
    • Low - 5 lumens - 25 hours
    • Strobe - 300 lumens - 2 hours
    • SOS - 100 lumens - 6 hours 54 minutes
  • Impact Resistance: 1 meters (3.28 ft.)

  • Dimensions: Weight without Battery: 61.5 g

    • Length - 4.24" (107.7 mm)

    • Head Diameter - 0.89" (22.7 mm)

    • Body Diameter - 0.90" (22.8 mm)