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Exchanges & Warranty

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Circuits go wonky, switches will wear out - electronics always have a chance of wearing out or stop working altogether - no matter what the marketing material says or what your friends have experienced so far

But fear not! With our warranty support we get your equipment back to working order

The warranty information on this page supersedes any outdated warranty/exchange policies or normal warranty/exchange policies on all our product pages. By purchasing from us, you agree with the following warranty & exchanges terms:


For Exchanges

We accept exchanges for flashlights (up to 7 days) - but the item must be in a new, resellable condition. If the item(s) was blister-packed, it must be unopened. Please provide your invoice when coming back for an exchange (otherwise we reserve the right to turn down your request)

We do not accept exchanges for both batteries & chargers.

We do not accept exchanges for flashlights or items that have parts or are fully made of copper, brass or any other material that will patina over time. 

We do not accept exchanges for items that have been pre-ordered for customers specially.


For Batteries & Chargers 

For (All) Batteries: Full 3 Months 1-1 Replacement Warranty

-         Covers venting, explosions & meltdowns

-         Does not cover battery over-discharge

-         Does not cover for defects arising from the misuse/mishandling of batteries

-         Does not cover normal wear & tear of the batteries (especially from heat imposed on the wrapper - and the wrapper is torn as a result) (& especially for dented tops - never ever squeeze a battery into any device that is too tight for it)

-         Does not cover performance of the batteries (or implied performance by the manufacturer)

For (All) Chargers: Full 6 Months 1-1 Replacement Warranty

-         Covers all brands from Miboxer, Efest, Xtar, Nitecore, Olight, Klarus & Others


For Flashlights & LED Modules

3 Months Full Replacement 1-1 Warranty + Full Repair Warranty (Depending on Manufacturer - See Below*) 

For all flashlights & modules sold in our store, we offer a Full Replacement Warranty for 3 Months from the date of purchase of a flashlight or an LED module with a major defect. You may opt to exchange the defective product for the same item or an item of a similar value. The defective product must be in a new or resellable condition. After these 3 months to the manufacturers stated warranty period, if your item has a defect, we are able to send back the item without charge. 1-1 exchanges are not valid for intermittent issues such as random flickering or random unresponsive switches. We will cover the shipping and repair charges for the defective item. Different manufacturers have different lengths of limited warranty for repair. You can borrow a light from us during the repair period for your work and/or usage (see list at bottom of page). Please bring back the light once your original item has been repaired and is ready for collection (Bring together with your RMA form if issued one)


Brand Full Repair Warranty

NEW 2022 Acebeam Warranty: 3~5 Years Full Repair Warranty (All Shipping & Repair Costs covered) * 3 Years for Headlamps & Older Models

NEW 2022 ArmyTek Warranty: 10 Years Full Repair Warranty (All Shipping & Repair Costs covered) 

NEW 2022 Convoy Warranty: 6 Months Full Replacement Warranty 

NEW 2022 Fenix Warranty: 5 Years Full Repair Warranty (All Shipping & Repair Costs covered) 

NEW 2022 Klarus Warranty: 5 Years Full Repair Warranty (All Shipping & Repair Costs covered) 

NEW 2022 Lumintop Warranty: 2 Years Full Repair Warranty (All Shipping & Repair Costs covered) 

NEW 2022 Manker Warranty: 1~5 Years Full Repair Warranty (All Shipping & Repair Costs covered) 

NEW 2022 Mateminco Warranty: 1 Year Full Repair Warranty 

NEW 2022 MecArmy Warranty: 2~5 Years Full Repair Warranty (All Shipping & Repair Costs covered) 

NEW 2022 Nitecore Warranty: 1~5 Years Full Repair Warranty (All Shipping & Repair Costs covered) 

*Nitecore Tubes: 3 Months 1-1 Exchange Warranty*

*Nitecore Tips: 1 Year Repair Warranty*

*Nitecore Tiki: 18 Months Repair Warranty*

NEW 2022 Noctigon/Emisar Warranty: 1 Year Full Repair Warranty (All Shipping & Repair Costs covered) 

NEW 2022 Xtar (Lights Only) Warranty: 2 Years Full Repair Warranty (All Shipping & Repair Costs covered) 


Regarding Repair/Replacement Timings for Defective Items

Do take note of the following rough timings for repair of your item. Repaired items may be delayed due to shipment postponements or suppliers wanting to ship repaired items together with our next order so just take this as a rough guide. 

If you require a light for your work during the duration of the repair we have a stable of lights to provide you (these must be returned once you collect your repaired light). This offer is only valid for customers who have bought the light(s) from us. These are the following rough guidelines to wait for a replacement or for your returned light to be repaired/replaced:

For All Brands: 1~4 Months (Depends on manufacturer return times, supplier response time among other factors)


Other Notes

*If packages containing your warranty items get lost in transit, we will replace the items lost with an item of equivalent value*

*Do take note warranty coverage only applies to items sent back once. If items need to be sent back additional times during the warranty period, additional charges may apply (most of the time we cover it)*

*Do take note that the warranty terms do not apply to products damaged by leaking alkaline AA/AAA batteries, or by the use of improper/poor-quality batteries not officially supported by its manufacturer*