Klarus XT21X Pro 4,400 Lumens USB-C Rechargeable Strobe-Ready Tactical Flashlight (Full Set)


High Performance EDC Flashlight

The Klarus XT21X Pro is a powerful every day carry flashlight, capable of up to 4,400 lumens of output and 336 meters of throw. This light excels in the outdoors, with a compact ergonomic design making it easy to carry with you while hiking or camping. Additional tactical features round out this light's versatility with a side switch interface for single handed use and a dual tail switch for fast mode switching.

Power Bank Function

Maximize your flashlights functionality by using the included battery to charge your phone from 0% to 100% on a single charge. The included adapters make this easier, by being able to convert USB-C to USB-A or lightning.

Multiple Functions

Its various functions make the XT21X Pro a flexible light; use the outdoor setting for one-touch turbo and low, SOS, and mode memory capabilities while exploring the outdoors. The tactical setting simplifies these features into just one-touch turbo and strobe to allow for the quickest possible response to any situation. The additional moonlight function allows you to preserve your night vision and battery, while making certain close range tasks like reading much more practical.