Fenix HL16 450 Lumens 3 x AAA Lightweight Headlamp (3 Colours available)


The HL16 Lightweight Outdoor Hiking Headlamp is a perfect companion during the night, it has multiple brightness levels for many outdoor activities, including running, trekking, and camping. It comes with white and red LEDs that offers a remarkable output of 450 lumens and beam distance of 104 meters/ 341 feet. The red light is very much ideal for camping, wildlife observation, emergency preparedness, and danger signaling - it has a feature that preserves night vision that protects users' eyesight in low-light conditions. It has also a 60 degrees tilt mechanism which directs the beam where needed. The lighting angle can be adjusted up and down, meeting the lighting needs of various outdoor activities like object finding, night reading and night running.  

This hiking headlamp is made from lightweight German PC material that won't weigh your head down, this weighs only 97.2 g/ 3.43 oz (batteries and headband included) and it is extremely comfortable for extended wear. It can also withstand a drop test of 1.5 meters on all six sides.

This is a wide perforated headband that provide users with the benefit of increased breathability, lighter weight, and the option to adjust the fit based on their size requirements. The reflective stripes on the headband alerts drivers to your position keeping all parties safe. The measurement of this headband is 36mm compared to the ordinary headlamp of 26mm. The headband could be easily detached and cleaned.

This durable headlamp has dual switch operation. It is simple and has a separate control for the brightness levels of the constant white or red light mode. The red light is the SOS mode. It has also an electronic lockout function that helps keep the light from being accidentally activated thereby depleting the battery prematurely. 

The HL16 Headlamp comes with three different colors - Black, Chartreuse, and Pink. This is powered AAA batteries, which are very easy to find, and cost-efficient. With a runtime of up to 100 hours on Low mode which meets the users' long-lasting demand. 


  • 450 lumens maximum output
  • IP66 Rated Protection
  • Outputs
    • White Light
      • Turbo: 450 lumens, 3 hours, 104 meters
      • High: 150 lumens, 8 hours, 58 meters
      • Med: 50 lumens, 27 hours, 32 meters
      • Low: 5 lumens, 100 hours, 10 meters
    • Red Light
      • Red light: 5 lumens, 100 hours, 6 meters
      • SOS: 5 lumens, 200 hours, 6 meters


  • Included: 3 AAA batteries


  • Length: 2.52 inches
  • Width: 1.89 inches
  • Height: 1.06 inches
  • Weight: 3.43 oz


  • Headlamp
  • 3 AAA batteries
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card