UV lights are used for:

1) Detecting counterfeit currency and providing access control at bars, concerts and events

2) Used to cure adhesives and in HVAC repair

3) Automotive repairmen use UV light to assist in the repair of air conditioner, oil, and sunroof leaks

4) Crime scene investigators use it to see blood and bodily fluids during investigations

5) Outdoor enthusiasts use it to spot animal blood while hunting

6) UV light is also helpful in detecting repairs in paintings and rugs

7) UV light can be used to find scorpions (they glow green when exposed to UV light)

8) Using UV light on fishing bait to make them glow


Best In-Class dedicated UV light: Convoy S2+ Nichia 365nm UV - its UV output and power outclasses every other UV light here

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3 of 3 Items