We only offer batteries & chargers that meet our high standards of operational expectations. These have lasted through rigorous use by our past clients and are battle-proven and worthy for your use.

Warranty Lengths for chargers: 6 months 


Top Recommended 1-Bay Chargers (Updated 07.07.2018)

1) Olight Flexible UCC USB Charger ($15) - This latest release gives us plenty of room for pause. Instead of a traditional bay - the UCC charger uses 2 magnets connected to a USB port to charge your batteries. Reversible orientation supported (doesn't matter which way you put your battery), superb compactness (stows away like your earphones) & support for Ni-Mh as well as Li-Ion battery makes this our new top pick for single bay chargers in 2017

2) Xtar MC1 Plus USB Charger ($12) - The upgraded version of the MC1 gives a fast charge speed of 1A and support for many lithium battery sizes. Also comes with 0V activation feature and an affordable price to boot 

3) Xtar MC1 USB Charger ($8) - A slower version of the MC1 Plus but with decent 0.5A charging speed. Add that and the $8 price tag and you know why its so popular


Top Recommended 2-Bay Chargers (Updated 07.07.2018)

1) Xtar SV2 Rocket LCD Display Hybrid Charger ($45) - This is Xtar's new mid-year 2016 release flagship charger - and boy is it glorious! Features a top speed of 2,000mAh charging for both bays, adjustable speed (0.25A-2.0A), broad support for Li-Ion & Ni-Mh batteries, Xtar's typical safety features & an LCD screen! Has everything you could want in a charger

2) Xtar VC2 Plus Master Hybrid USB Charger ($35)- The upgrade over the older bestselling Xtar VC2 Charger comes with multiple upgrades-> A blazing fast charging speed of 1A (1,000mah) for both bays, a powerbank function so that you can use your 18650s to charge your phone & support charging for Ni-Mh Batteries makes this the charger to get for 2015. 

3) Olight OMNI-DOK Hybrid Charger V2.0($30) - This new intelligent charger features a blazing charging speed of 1A (1,000mah) & support for Ni-Mh charging as well. Comes with power indicators & top safety features (fire-resistant + others). Reliability is excellent


Notable mentions: Xtar VC2 is the older version of the VC2 Plus master but is still a favourite due to its more informative screen (though no support for Ni-Mh). Nitecore D2 is a popular hybrid charger with an information-brimmed screen (but slower)


Top Recommended 4-Bay Chargers (Updated 07.07.2018)

1) Xtar VP4 Plus Dragon ($130) - If money is no object, the Dragon conquers all. Dual support for both Ni-Mh/Li-Ion with a beautiful screen. The Dragon is able to hit 2.0A for 2 bays or 1.0A on 4 bays making it the fastest 4 bay charger out there. it also has other advanced features like being able to measure the resistance of the battery using the included probes as well as a built-in battery tester

2) Xtar XP4 Hybrid Panzer ($45) - 1A (1,000mah) blazing charging speed combined with AA/AAA Ni-Mh support & USB Output charging to other devices + very good QC makes this a logical buy

3) Xtar VC4 USB Hybrid Charger ($45) - The VC4 release betters the VC2 by offering 4 bays instead of 2 along with its fantastic accelerometer screen. Also has decent charge rates for 4 batteries (0.5A) & 2 batteries (1.0A). Ability to charge both Ni-Mh & Li-Ions elevates this to number 2 on our list. Excellent reliability!


Notable mentions: The new Nitecore i4 bumps up itsspeed from the older version and it provides plenty of value-for-money features. Nitecore D4 supports Li-Ion & Ni-Mh charging speed; but suffers from slow speed when all 4 slots are filled (0.375A). Charges moderately fast with 2 batteries (0.75A). Has a nice screen with multiple settings. The Nitecore SC4 is a superb performer as well.