We only offer batteries & chargers that meet our high standards of operational expectations. These have lasted through rigorous use by our past clients and are battle-proven and worthy for your use.

Warranty Length for ALL chargers: 6 months 


Top Recommended 1-Bay Chargers (Updated September 2018)

1) Olight Flexible UCC USB Charger ($18) - This latest release gives us plenty of room for pause. Instead of a traditional bay - the UCC charger uses 2 magnets connected to a USB port to charge your batteries. Reversible orientation supported (doesn't matter which way you put your battery), superb compactness (stows away like your earphones) & support for Ni-Mh as well as Li-Ion battery makes this our new top pick for single bay chargers in 2018

2) Xtar MC1 Plus USB Charger ($12) - The upgraded version of the MC1 gives a fast charge speed of 1A and support for many lithium battery sizes. Also comes with 0V activation feature and an affordable price to boot 

3) Xtar SC1 USB Charger ($12) - A 2018 new USB charger with super fast 2A charging! Fits bigger cells like the newer 20700, 21700 as well as the 18650 batteries. Superb value and only downside is that it does not charge small cells like the 16340 battery


Top Recommended 2-Bay Chargers (Updated September 2018)

1) Xtar SV2 Rocket LCD Display Hybrid Charger ($45) - This is Xtar's new mid-year 2016 release flagship charger - and boy is it glorious! Features a top speed of 2,000mAh charging for both bays, adjustable speed (0.25A-2.0A), broad support for Li-Ion & Ni-Mh batteries, Xtar's typical safety features & an LCD screen! Has everything you could want in a charger

2) Xtar VC2 Plus Master Hybrid USB Charger ($35)- The upgrade over the older bestselling Xtar VC2 Charger comes with multiple upgrades-> A blazing fast charging speed of 1A (1,000mah) for both bays, a powerbank function so that you can use your 18650s to charge your phone & support charging for Ni-Mh Batteries makes this the charger to get for 2015. 

3) Olight OMNI-DOK Hybrid Charger V2.0($30) - This new intelligent charger features a blazing charging speed of 1A (1,000mah) & support for Ni-Mh charging as well. Comes with power indicators & top safety features (fire-resistant + others). Reliability is excellent


Notable mentions: Xtar VC2 is the older version of the VC2 Plus master but is still a favourite due to its more informative screen (though no support for Ni-Mh). Nitecore D2 is a popular hybrid charger with an information-brimmed screen (but slower)


Top Recommended 4-Bay Chargers (Updated September 2018)

1) Nitecore SC4 (S$78)- The SC4 has overtaken the Xtar Dragon as our top recommended 4 bay charger thanks to its smaller size, better screen and cheaper price. Has basically everything you need and tops out at 1.5A per bay.

2) Xtar XP4 Hybrid Panzer ($45) - 1A (1,000mah) blazing charging speed combined with AA/AAA Ni-Mh support & USB Output charging to other devices + good QC makes this a logical buy

3) Xtar VC4 USB Hybrid Charger ($45) - The VC4 release betters the VC2 by offering 4 bays instead of 2 along with its fantastic accelerometer screen. Also has decent charge rates for 4 batteries (0.5A) & 2 batteries (1.0A). Ability to charge both Ni-Mh & Li-Ions elevates this to number 3 on our list. Excellent reliability!


Notable mentions: The new Nitecore i4 bumps up itsspeed from the older version and it provides plenty of value-for-money features. Nitecore D4 supports Li-Ion & Ni-Mh charging speed; but suffers from slow speed when all 4 slots are filled (0.375A). Charges moderately fast with 2 batteries (0.75A). Has a nice screen with multiple settings.