ArmyTek Wizard C2 WR Dual Light Source Magnetic USB Rechargeable Headlamp (CW-R or WW-R)


2 lights in 1? The Wizard WR has 2 light sources - white & red. Or choose from our other option warm & red. Red is an invaluable tool to use at night when you are trying to preserve your night vision. Red light is also invisible to fish and animals, making it perfect for outdoor use. The Wizard WR is the first light we have had that has both warm tint and red light (if you go for that option)



  • 4 LEDs: amazing beam of red light up to 250 OTF lumens and white light up to 1000 OTF lumens thanks to 2 LEDs for each color.
  • 5 brightness modes for each color, easy operation with one button and double click for switching between white and red light.
  • Convenient wide beam of the TIR-optics, protected from scratches by tempered glass with an anti-reflective coating.
  • Innovative technology allows to use any 18650 batteries and provides full protection against short circuit even in case of contact between magnet connector and metal objects.
  • Active real-time temperature control to prevent overheating and warning indication of low battery level.
  • Total protection from water, dirt and dust — flashlight continues to work even at 10-meter depth.
  • Beam distance up to 97 m for white light and 41 m for red light, up to 15 days of light with one power source.


Specifications (For CW-Red Model Only)

LED: 2 x White LEDs + 2 x Red LEDs

Battery: 01 x 18650 3200mAh (Included)

Max White Output: 1300 LED lumens (or 1000 OTF lumens)

Max Red Output: 320 LED lumens (or 250 OTF lumens)

Output & Runtimes (White): Turbo (1,000 lumens for 1 hour), High (350 lumens for 3 hours 30 minutes), Medium (115 lumens for 12 hours), Firefly (2.3 lumens for 15 days), Strobe (350 lumens, 1 Hz for 15 hours)

Output & Runtimes (Red): Turbo (250 lumens for 2 hours), High (70 lumens for 11 hours), Medium (15 lumens for 48 hours), Firefly (0.5 lumen for 15 days), Strobe (250 lumens, 1 Hz for 8 hours)

Beam Distance: 97 Meters for White (41 Meters for Red)

Waterproof & Dustproof Standard: IP68 (highest) - 10 meters waterproof

Impact Resistance: 10 meters

Operation Temperature: -25..+40 °C

Hotspot 70 ° Spill 120 °

Impact Resistance TIR optics Glass Lens with Sapphire & Anti-Reflection Coating

Length: 108mm

Body Diameter: 24.5mm

Head Diameter: 29mm

Weight: 65g

Included: Wizard headlamp, 18650 rechargeable battery, magnetic USB cable, headband, plastic holder, clip, spare o-rings, user manual