ArmyTek Wizard C2 Pro Max LR 4,150 Lumens Magnetic USB Rechargeable Headlamp (Long-Range)


Ready stocks - choose between cool white or warm white


Introducing the new ArmyTek Wizard C2 Pro Max LR - for people who love abit more range on their flashlights (this goes to 181 meters compared to the normal C2 Pro Max 115 meters!)


LED/Optics: LR

Brightness stabilization type: Digital (CPU brightness control)

Light output max lumens: 4150

Beam distance: 181 meters

Modes: (Turbo 2) 4150lm/3h 15 minutes (900 lm after 50 seconds), (Turbo 1) 1300 lm/3h 20 minutes (900 lm after 12 minutes), (Main3) 450 lm/7 hours, (Main2) 150 lm/21h, (Main1) 45 lm/64h, (Firefly2) 7 lm/10d, (Firefly1) 0.6 lm/64d

Power source: 1 x 21700 5000mAh Li-Ion (Included) 

Size and weight (w/o batteries): (Length) 121.5mm, (Body diameter) 23.6mm, (Head diameter) 34.4mm, (Weight) 81g