Xtar UL1-120 Mini USB Powered RGBW Flashlight (With Removable Goose Neck included)


The original UL1 was a super popular mini light you could bring everywhere together with your powerbank, and transform it into a long-lasting emergency light (only limited by the capacity of your powerbank). You can also use it in conjunction with the Xtar PB2C or Xtar PB2S powerbanks. Plug it into any USB output and you instantly turn it into a flashlight! Use the included Gooseneck to turn the UL1 into a table or work light

This new UL1 has 120 lumens of brightness with 2 levels of white brightness (60, 120 lumens), and a red, blue & green output. There is also a police strobe mode together with a white strobe. Thats alot of levels and types of colours for this little light!

Every proper EDC setup needs one of these bad boys around to act as emergency lighting or for EDC use. See GIF below for operation demo



Power: 1W

Brghtness & Levels: White Medium (60 lumens), White High (120 lumens), Red (35 lumens), Blue (35 lumens), Green (120 lumens), Red & Blue Flashing (35 lumens), White Strobe (120 lumens)

Size: 23mm (head) x 46.6mm (length)

Material: 6061 hard-anodized anti-abrasive aluminium finish

Contains: UL1-120, USB Metal Goose Neck, Manual