XTAR 1.2V AA 2200mAh NI-MH Rechargeable Battery (Set Of 4)


2,200mAh Capacity - Rechargeable Xtar Ni-MH AA

This XTAR AA Battery utilizes NiMH rechargeable technology to provide a reliable and reusable AA cell with a whopping 2,200mAh capacity for long-term power in your favourite electronics.

Ni-MH batteries are more affordable than other eco-friendly rechargeable AA batteries, and save you money over time thanks to their 500+ charge cycles. By buying this pack of four, you're scoring the equivalent of 2,000+ alkaline AA batteries.

Charge your Xtar Ni-MH AA in any compatible lithium hybrid or Ni-Mh charger, or get an Xtar BC4 to do it for you

Notable Features

  • » Rechargeable 4-pack is the equivalent of 2,000+ alkaline AA batteries

  • » 2,200mAh energy capacity offers longer runtimes for all your devices

  • » Button top terminal ideal for most common household and portable electronics

  • » Quick discharge current 1,100mA