Tokyo Pipe Co. Douglass NEO III Lighter


The Douglass NEO lighters feature their hallmark windproof performance and airtight construction, which allows for great longevity as it prevents the lighter fluid from evaporating easily. If you’re looking for the best lighters on the market, these pint-sized powerhouses are hands-down the best-designed and best-built offerings in the world - bar none.

  • Hand-machined from solid metal stock
  • Constructed to 0.001" tolerances 
  • Airtight construction prevents lighter fluid from evaporating
  • For replacement flints please use zippo flints
  • Get replacement wicks through the Field L & Field S Kit
  • Model 3: 2.26 cm ×1.20 cm ×7.42 cm/38 grams
  • Model 4: 2.30 cm ×2.30 cm × 3.83 cm/37grams
  • Made in Japan