Nitecore NU05 35 Lumens USB Rechargeable Headlamp Mate with Red Light (KIT Version)


A Cautionary Light


The Nitecore NU05 LED Headlamp Mate is designed with your nighttime protection in mind. The NU05 is extremely portable and can be attached to a headband, helmet, directly to a bike, or anywhere else you think it can help. Illuminate yourself to passing cars or warning other people that you are coming towards them. This cautionary lamp has four special outputs to help show others that you are there. The four outputs are: Red indicator, Red light (slow blinking), Red light (fast blinking), and White light (slow blinking). These outputs can ensure your visibility and safety in the darkest of nights.


Internal Power Storage


The internal battery source offers twenty continuous hours of use before it needs to be charged again. Using only a micro-usb cord (included) you will be able to quickly charge your light almost anywhere. The NU05 Headlamp Mates battery comes with a power indicator light so you should never be surprised with a dead battery.


Light As A Feather


Using this light doesn't have to be a chore. Weighing an extremely light 10 grams, the light will not weigh you down in any way. It is also extremely small for how bright it can be. The compact size allows you to attach it to almost anything without it getting bumped, caught, or accidentally ripped off. In the middle of the light is a convenient button for one switch operation. Easily click the center button to switch through the 5 available output modes. 


What's in the box

    • NU05
    • Head/wristband
    • USB cable
    • Bike mount


Refer to product pictures for specifications