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NexTool Mini Flagship (10-In-1) Uber Compact Multi-Tool

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The new NexTorch Mini Flagship is pure genius. This mini multi-tool is so small it fits snugly in the palm of your hand (even if your hands are small). Its so small that it can tie-in easily into your keychain. Its so small... you get the idea

Despite its ultra compact size, the mini flagship still retains up to 10 tools in its arsenal. See below for full specs & tools!

One of the much-recommended small multi-tools to have in your EDC line-up



Material: CR13 Stainless Steel

Closed Dimensions: 52.36"L x 15.94"W x 7.87"H

Weight: 78g


Complete Tools List

(1) Needlenose Pilers

(2) Gripper

(3) Wire cutter 

(4) Nail File

(5) Flat screwdriver

(6) Phillips screwdriver

(7) Can opener

(8) Knife

(9) Bottle Opener

(10) Scissors