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MY Parang – Lightweight Diamond Sharpening Stone 400/1200 Grit

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Official MYParang Product

Dimensions: 15cm (Length) x 6.3cm (Width) x 0.7cm (Height) - approximate

Double sided diamond stone – 400/1200 Grit

For use: If you have any knives which are damaged, has any nicks or chips in the blade or is extremely dull, then you should be looking to a grit size of #1000 or less. A whetstone of this grit will smooth out any kinks in your blade in no time assuming the knife can still be salvaged.

For use: The #1000 grit whetstone is your go-to sharpening stone. If your Japanese knives need a good sharpen to regain their edge, then this grit is your starting point. But use this sparingly as it will wear your knife down.