Klarus G15 V2 4,200 Lumens USB-C Rechargeable Torch (Full Set)


The Upgraded G15 - A Compact Powerhouse

The Klarus G15 V2 effortlessly combines a compact size with long-lasting power that brightens the neighborhood. Its CREE XHP70.2 LED outputs a 4,200 lumen output and 200-meter throw on turbo mode, for an EDC that blazes through your surroundings. Turbo mode lasts for 3 hours, giving you illumination strength that won't leave you out in the dark. With a body diameter of 1 inch and length of under 5 inches, fit the G15 V2 comfortably in your pocket. This light is a go-to for hiking, yard work, or camping use!

The G15 V2 has a total of 8 output modes, offering you a host of options in day-to-day use. From turbo to moonlight, you're backed with brightness from 10 to 4,200 lumens. Strobe, signal, and SOS modes support you with peak preparedness in different emergency situations.

Power Options Galore

This EDC light can run on three different batteries! Use 21700, 18650, or CR123A batteries, for rechargeable or replaceable options that fit your personal preferences. With power bank functionality, charge your phone or tablet when necessary. Included USB-C and lightning adapters guarantee all your essential devices stay charged.



Brightness 4200lumens 2000lumens 500lumens 100lumens 10lumens 4200lumens 500lumens 500lumens
Runtime 3hours 3.3hours 6hours 28hours 150hours 2hours 120hours 18hours
Intensity 10000candela 4230candela 1060candela 225candela 2candela      
Throw 200meters 130meters 65meters 30meters 2.5meters