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We only offer batteries & chargers that meet our high standards of operational expectations. These have lasted through rigorous use by our past clients and are battle-proven and worthy for your use

The base cells for most of our rechargeable batteries originate from Japanese or Korean manufacturers (panasonic, sanyo etc...) and are therefore very reliable. Lithium batteries are typically rated for a lifetime of 500 recharge cycles. You can use them for longer but performance decreases over the lifespan

All our batteries come with a 3 months 1-1 replacement warranty


Most Popular High-Capacity 18650 Protected Batteries (Updated Jan 2020)

1) Olight 18650 HDC 3500mAh 10A (S$30) - High drain, High capacity, super reliable 10A black batteries for powerful torchlights. More recommended than 3600mAh model now cuz of many more higher powered torchlights coming out in 2020 and beyond. 

2) Xtar 18650 3500mAh 10A (S$23) - Upgraded from the older 3400mAh and now with a higher 10A rating so its compatible with more powerful torchlights. Less branded than Olight but better bang-for-buck.

3) Olight 18650 3600mAh (S$30) - resilient, proven, battle-tested & highest-capacity battery out there.


Most Popular High-Drain 18650 Unprotected Batteries (Updated Jan 2020)

1) LG HG2 'Chocolate Bar' Flat Top (S$12) - Best-selling high-drain 20A cell & value-for-money with 3000mAh and 20A of high drain power

2) Sony VTC5A Flat Top (S$14) - successor to the proven VTC5. Super Powerful Cell with 30A of power & 2600mAh of capacity

3) Sony VTC5D Flat Top (S$15) - New cell that came out in 2019 which lies somewhere between VTC5A & VTC6. Has 25A of power and yet has a more than modest 2800mAh of capacity


SPECIAL MENTION - LG MJ1 BUTTON TOP (S$15) or LG M36 BUTTON TOP (S$17) - for flashlight applications that need more power than what protected batteries can supply (and need button top as well)

MOST POPULAR 18650 FAN BATTERY - To get long lasting runtimes on your portable fan, replace the crappy free 18650 battery with any of these 2 flat top 18650: LG M36 3600mAh Flat Top Battery (S$15), Samsung 36G 3600mAh Flat Top Battery (S$15) 

MOST POPULAR 21700 HIGH-DRAIN BATTERY - Samsung 40T 4000mAh 30A Battery (S$20)