26650 Batteries

26650 Batteries are increasingly being used in flashlights & other applications due to their greater capacity & power compared to 18650 batteries

There are 2 kinds of 26650 batteries - protected & unprotected (high-drain). Protected 26650 batteries tend to generally be taller than unprotected (high-drain) 26650 batteries (unless they are flat top)

Higher capacity 26650s (5200mAh) also tend to be slightly larger than other lower capacity 26650s (4200mAh & 3500mAh versions). For high-drain applications, it is much better to use 3500mAh or 4200mAh 26650s compared to 5200mAh versions due to the size difference

Recommended 26650 High-Drains are mostly from the brand MXJO. We stopped bringing in the Efest HULK 26650 due to mediocre reviews

For protected applications (flashlights etc...), the Xtar 26650 5200mAh is probably your best bet