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Reward Points

Regarding Our Rewards LumenX Program by

Your online transactions give you LumenX which is a supplement to the online discounts you can get if you are a regular online customer

Our Program is powered by Please register as a customer on our site before proceeding to earn points

You will need to sign up with our Program ( as well in order to earn points 

The reward tab is located on the bottom right side of the website

LumenX are not awarded for in-store purchases, neither can they be used for in-store purchases 


Earning Points

Signing up gives you an instant 250 LumenX

For every dollar you spend in our store, you get LumenX

If you refer a friend = 500 LumenX per referral

Liking our Facebook page = 150 LumenX

Liking our Instagram page = 100 LumenX

On your birthday, you get another 250 LumenX


Spending Points

250 LumenX gives you a $1 discount off your order

500 LumenX gives you a $2 discount off your order

1250 LumenX gives you a $5 discount off your order