Get Regular Discounts In-Store


Customers who have visited us countless times but are not registered online still get to enjoy regular discounts. First-timers get to enjoy discounts as well. Make sure to request for them though. Here is a rough guide to the discount tiers:


For Batteries: Up to 3-5% off (depending on order total)

For Chargers: Up to 3-7% off (depending on order total)

For Flashlights: Up to 3-7% off (depending on order total)

For Sale Items: No additional discount

For Bigger Orders: 5-10% off except sale items

For Priority/Regular Clients: 5-12% off except sale items


(1) NDIs are priced competitively already so no extra discount will be given on them

(2) Discounts are up to our discretion & also based on your total order amount & order history

(3) The Discount tiers listed above are guidelines, not rules on which we give discounts based on

(4) We have to strike a good balance (which is always shifting) between competitive pricing & discounts so do forgive us if your expectations are not met 

(5) We will pass on discounts if we have savings or good deals from our purchases/suppliers and vice-versa as that has always been our policy from the start

(6) The vast majority of our customers enjoy good deals at our store once discounts are factored in as well as full warranty coverage