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Wazoo Survival Gear Bushcraft Firestarter Leather Necklace [USA]

An innovation that combines primitive technique with present technology, the Bushcraft Necklace is inspired by the tried and true method of traditional fire making. It incorporates a modern day version of “Flint & Steel” adapted into a classy two-part pendant. Combined with rich mahogany brown leather and tied with classic mountaineering knots, it is a weekday accessory that can become a weekend lifesaver. These necklaces are sold in a one size fits all format. The Double Fisherman's knot allows for adjustability but may be snug fitting over larger heads.
  • Length: Adjustable 14" to 26"
  • Cord Material: Antiqued Mahogany Leather
  • Pendant Material: White Zirconia Ceramic
  • Firesteel Material: 1" x 0.3" Ferrocerium Rod
  • Made in the USA