TOMO T3 Compact Portable Triple Slot Powerbank cum Charger (Replaceable 18650 Batteries Not Included)

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Charge your batteries and use them as a powerbank at the same time! All 3 slots can be used for the powerbank function.


The TOMO T3 can fit Xtar 18650 Protected Cells & Olight 18650 Protected Cells - one of the few DIY powerbanks that can do this as well as unprotected cells as well



2-in-1: 18650 Battery Charger + DIY Power Bank
Input: Micro USB Input & Lightning Input, 5.0V/ 1A
Output: Dual USB: 5V/ 1A; 5V/ 2A
Dimensions: 100*55*25mm
Compatible Battery: 3 pcs 18650 Li-ion batteries
Feature: LCD Multi-function Display
Compatible Models: IPAD, IPHONE, MP4, PSP, camera etc.
Package: 1 x Power bank, 1 x USB cable (210mm)
Net Weight: 70g
Gross Weight:




TOMO M3 Video Instruction



What is the unique feature of TOMO Power Bank TOMO T3 ?

1. TOMO T3 with Dual Micro USB Input & Lightning Input.

You do not have to carry an android USB cable with you all the time whenever you want to charge the batteries.  

 2. Built-in 18650 Li-ion batteries can be replaced at any time.

Panasonic or Olights? It's your choice

TOMO M3 new

Large Capacity? Yes and No. It's up to you - DIY Power bank.

If TOMO T3 with 3 Panasonic NCR18650G, it's 10800mAh.TOMO M3 02 

3. With dual Output USB, 2 devices get charged simultaneously. Also TOMO T3 adjusts automatically its output according to the connected device. It is compatible with all popular smartphones and tablets from Apple, HTC, Google, Samsung, and BlackBerry, as well as lots of cameras, handheld gaming devices, MP4, MP5 etc.TOMO M3 03

 4. Simple and user-friendly design with 2 classic colors, White & Black.TOMO M3 04

5. When charging the batteries, LCD displays input charging status.

TOMO M3 06

6. When charing the device, LCD displays output voltage and output current.TOMO M3 05 

7. 10-Level Protection. Conversion rate is up to 93%.

Output Overcurrent Protection

Input Overvoltage Protection

Electro-Static Discharge Protection

Overheat Safety Protection

Output Overvoltage Protection

Intelligent Output Identification

Battery Overcurrent Protection

Input Overcurrent Protection

Prevent Current Reverse