Terms & Conditions

*Our new Kovan Store is now open*

Please read the following T & C carefully before placing your order. By following through with this order you agree with the following:

A) For bank transfer payments - if your payment does not come through within 7 days we reserve the right to cancel your order/items so that other customers have the opportunity to purchase them

B) Quickest Delivery Methods -> TA-Q-BIN ->= SmartPac (Smaller items)=SmartPac (Bigger items) -> Registered Mail

C) We do not allow exchanges for our batteries & chargers. Please be sure of what you are purchasing & do your read-up beforehand.

1) Our recommended delivery types are SingPost SmartPac Envelope <1kg) or TA-Q-BIN or SingPost Registered Shipping - in that order.  We are not responsible for ANY lost mail but we will do our utmost to find them for you.

3) If you are unsure which batteries will work with your light please contact us to check. Batteries are strictly non-exchangeable.

4) We are not responsible for lost or wrongly delivered shipments. However, we will endeavor to help resolve this to the best of our abilities. We are not liable for lost shipments.

5) If wrong items are packaged inside your order with your name on the envelope, we will send an additional package at our own cost to ensure you have the correct items. You may be required to send the wrong items back to us.

6) Exchanges are not normally accepted in our store. However, if you have an urgent need to exchange something, please make sure it is in a new, resellable condition. Exchanges can ONLY be done in our showroom within 7 days on a case-by-case basis. Exchanges will NOT BE ACCEPTED for batteries/chargers.

7) By placing and following through this order, you absolve Fstop Lights of any liabilities arising from your use or misuse of the product (flashlight, battery or otherwise) or of any circumstance that may arise from the use of the product.

8) You are protected by our Full Warranty Policies for items you have just ordered. Please read our warranty page for more info.

9) LITHIUM WARNING: Please use only safe & reliable lithium chargers when charging your lithium batteries. Store your lithium batteries properly when they are not in use. Please follow safe lithium battery procedures during usage. We are not responsible for any explosions, leaks or fires which lead to injuries or damages to property that may stem from the use of our products. We do our utmost to bring in only trusted & reliable products but this does not stop isolated cases of battery defects or explosions happening.

10) FLASHLIGHT WARNING: Many of the flashlights in our store have the potential to burn or hurt people if used improperly. Please use your flashlight in a safe and responsible fashion and do not ever shine the light in your eyes. We are not responsible for any injuries or deaths caused by our products.