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Store Measures For Covid-19

Store Measures For Covid-19



The government’s latest ruling on closing most schools and workplaces have come into effect.

Fstop Lights store will remain open for now under the (Essential Services) - Others – Hardware Store (a) [For sale of building and maintenance-related equipment and tools only] where our lights are used in a wide range of industries ranging from aircraft maintenance, to vector control (by NEA), to provision of goods to government & security services like the Navy, Police besides others. Our store has & will continue to adopt proper hygiene and social distancing measures as before.

We will thus remain open until the finalised decision on our business criteria is out. The situation remains fluid so stay tuned to our Telegram group & Facebook page for more details.

As per the ‘circuit-breaker’ & ‘stay-home’ message disseminated by the government, customers are encouraged to purchase online at our webstore instead




★   For the safety of our staff and fellow customers, we WILL refuse entry to any person(s) suffering from fever (37.50 Celsius or higher) or exhibiting flu-like symptoms

★   Any person who is unwell and exhibiting symptoms of flu should STAY HOME and seek medical attention promptly

★   Please EXIT the store if you need to cough/sneeze

★   Max capacity of not more than 8 people in the store at any one time

★   Please keep a distance of 1 meter apart from fellow customers & staff (Observe Social Distancing)

★   Commonly touched surfaces in-store will be sanitized daily

★   Store will be aired daily for at least 30 minutes

★   Avoid shaking hands & touching your face

★   Avoid crowded places

★   Wear a mask if necessary

★   Wash hands frequently with soap/hand sanitizer

★   Cover your mouth and nose when coughing/sneezing

★   Avoid contact with people who are unwell or showing symptoms of illness