SP2 Firefly Tritium TwinGlow Kit Markers (Twin Extra Large Tritium) - Twin-Green

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Remember the popular MegaGlow markers we brought in awhile back? Now Firefly (the makers of these markers) have gone ahead and put in two tubes in a single kit marker! Size-wise the TwinGlow is slightly larger than the MegaGlow to accomodate two of the largest trigalight light sources in the market!

The TwinGlows are moulded in clear grade V0 polycarbonate, providing a tough protective enclosure and making them highly shock resistant. Stainless steel end-caps provide an attractive yet durable finish. This is the dimpled finish option.

The tritium inside these TwinGlows are bigger than the ones in both the kit marker & super kit marker versions. There are 2 of them in the TwinGlows versus only a single one in the MegaGlow

The TwinGlows are available in a large variety of colour combinations

TwinGlows are also popularly placed on keychains to allow you to locate your keys in the dark (such as in your bag and in the cinema)


Firefly TwinGlow safety markers allow equipment and positions to be covertly marked during low-light and darkness. Incorporating a pair of the largest light source available, TwinGlows can be identified or located at distances of up to 50m without resorting to electric or chemical lights. Simple, reliable and effective, operational efficiency and safety are enhanced during darkness.



Diameter: 13.5mm

Length: 42.0mm

Split-Ring: diameter 25.0mm

Weight: 13g



  • Uniquely reliable trigalight® light source 
  • Uses the largest trigalight® GTLS available (2 tubes)
  • Continuously illuminated for more than 10 years
  • No batteries, bulbs or switches
  • No charging by ambient light
  • Lightweight, compact and easy to use
  • Split-ring included for secure attachment
  • No heat signature
  • Reliable in all climatic conditions
  • Nine Colour options for function differentiation
  • “Dimple” finish option