Skilhunt SKT PL1-W+ 400 Lumens Dual XP-G2 White USB Rechargeable Magnetic 120 Degrees Flippable Police Utility Clip Light (With Orange Cone)

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Ever wanted a utility light that you can clip to your shirt, uniform and use it as a utility light as well with a large battery and a powerful output that will not overheat? The PL1 with Dual XP-G White LEDs outputs a stunning 400 lumens off the front and has multiple modes for different tasks. There is also a magnet on it so it can stick on lampposts and other surfaces. The head can also be flipped up to 120 degrees so it can also be used as a walking light or signal light while attached to your shirt or pocket. 

Perfect for everyday usage, police officers and as a general utility light. Works great as a location beacon as well as it comes with a free orange cone that can be used as a signal light once combined. The PL1 can also be locked-out to prevent accidental activation in your bag or pocket. A red location beacon from the light switch will blink every few seconds to let you know where your light is. The PL1 also has a low-voltage detection once battery falls below 3.3V.

Available in other combos as well such as white-red light combo, white-green light combo, white-blue light combo, and white-uv 365nm uv combo. This is the most powerful white-white combo.




  1. Unique dual light white bright output
  2. Newest Dual CREE XP-G2 LED, High-Performance, High-Efficiency and energy conservation.Life-time to 50000 hours
  3. High efficiency reflector /optical lens, perfect beamshot.
  4. Built-in replaceable lithium battery with protected, safer for use.
  5. Micro USB charging interface, excellent compatibility and convenience.
  6. Built-in three function indicators, low-voltage indicator / charging indicator / location indicator.
  7. Body use high-quality Nylon composite material, durable construction, more scratch-resistant, wear-resistant.
  8. LED cooling base on aluminium alloy design to ensure that the lamp has excellent heat dissipation.
  9. Large button design, operation feeling comfortable and easier.
  10. Excellent constant current circuit design, multifunctional modes, fast and stable operating performance.
  11. Sub-low voltage indicators function, and low voltage indicator will automatically flash warning, to remind users to charge in time.
  12. Magnet in back, can be easily applied in many special occasions.
  13. Included Orange Cone Attachable Diffuser so that you can use it as a signal/location light to notify people of your location along roadsides, low visibility conditions etc.



LED: Double XP-G2 LEDs

Brightness Levels: High (400 lumens for 3 minutes ~280 lumens for 7 minutes~ 200 lumens for 1 hour 10 minutes), Medium (140 lumens for 2 hours 10 minutes), Low (15 lumens for 17 hours)

Flashing Levels: High-Flashing (140 lumens for 4 hours), Low-Flashing (15 lumens for 45 hours)

Beam Distance: 55 meters

Peak Beam Intensity: 780 cd

Dimensions: 80mm*37.5mm*34mm

Weight: 55g

Accessories: User Manual, Micro-USB Cable, Orange Diffuser  


Operation (White + White, PL1 W+ )

When light is off, Press switch to white light low mode W2(15 Lumens/17 hrs),

Hold press switch 0.5 second to medium mode W3(140 lumens /2 hrs ),

Double press switch to high flash mode S1 (140 lumens /4 hrs ) ,

When light is on, Hold press switch 0.5 second to turn off the light.

  1. Brightness and mode transfer

When light is on,

Press switch, 3 modes circle. Circle as below

White low W2 (15 lumens /17 hrs ) – White high W1(400-280-200 Lumens/3 mins+7 mins +1 hrs 10 mins) – Low flash S2 (15 lumens /45 hrs )

In any mode, Double press switch to high flash mode S1, and press switch transfer to last mode.

  1. Location indicator & Lock-out function:

when turn off the flashlight,

Press switch 1.5 seconds,location indicator switch on and lock-out function activation at same time.

Press button only can switch the indicator on/off,the indicator light flash every second for easy location of the flashlight, Easy find the flashlight in the dark quickly.

Hold press the switch 1.5 seconds, switch button unlock and enter into W2.

  1. Low voltage indication

When the battery voltage drop down lower than 3.3V,the indicator flash every 10 seconds. Battery voltage drop down lower than 3.0V,the indicator flash 2 times

every 2 seconds.


Charging status:

In charging, the red indicator constant light on, when battery almost full charge, indicator change to constant blue light.

Long term idle, battery may reduced power gradually, we suggest to charging if more than 6 months idle, avoid can’t turn on the light by over-discharging.

Long term idle, Do Not turn on the location indicator more than one week without charge, it may cause battery over-discharging.