Sabermach 2018 Makaze Lightsaber (11 different blade colours + soundboard) - In Stock

Do take note item can only be purchased in our store due to its large size
S$999.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

In celebration of our 4th consecutive year as an exhibitor at the STGCC, SaberMach brings you the Blazing "Makaze" in 2018!

The Makaze is a collaboration effort with our subsidiary brand KitSabers to bring you the most affordable FX combat saber ever from us.  Inspired by the legendary Japanese Katana, the Makaze is extremely slim and light weight. But don't be fooled by it's size. The Makaze is super loud and super bright. With 3 choices of sound fonts powered by our sub-brand sound board with a mute function, its simple yet impressive for a full bodied experience. These are exceptionally suitable for younger apprentice because of it's slim hilt design. 

*With it's in-build 2200mAh li-ion battery, the Makaze has an impressive 2.5 hours of play time*

The Makaze is outfitted with a RGB LED that changes 11 different blade colors. You will be spoilt for choice while you cycle through the different colors for your ideal blade, in standard blade lengths of 29”. But that's not all. The Makaze also features the flash on clash, blade lock up and blaster block effects. 

Proudly made in Singapore




Single Makaze Saber: S$159 

Tsuba (Round Hilt Option): Add S$15 each

Custom Color Powder Coating (Copper/Gold): S$50 extra for each saber 

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