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Item currently not in stock? Want first dibs on our next shipment? Place a pre-order with us now and you will be informed here on the approximate shipment date and when your item has arrived. Inform us via either email ( or whatsapp and we will put you on the list

Here you can find info on our coming restocks as well 

Last Updated On: 11th March 2019


March Shipments

Fenix - LD15R/PD35/CL26R Stocks + Others - Updated!

OTW - Condor, Sypderco, Cold Steel, CRKT, Kizer, Steel Will Equipment (NEW)

OTW - ArmyTek restocks for Wizards, Elfs, Tiaras, Predators
OTW - Olight S2, Batteries Restock + Others

OTW - Acebeam X70, Restocks + Others

OTW - Efest Batteries Restocks

OTW - LG, Sanyo, Sony Batteries Restocks

OTW - Fireflies E07 Restocks

OTW - SP2 Tritium Marker Restocks

OTW - Thrunite TC20/V6 Restocks

OTW - TEC Accessories Stocks