Pre-Orders & Shipments

Item currently not in stock? Want first dibs on our next shipment? Place a pre-order with us now and you will be informed here on the approximate shipment date and when your item has arrived. Inform us via either email ( or whatsapp and we will put you on the list

You can also place special orders for knives & tools not listed in our store. Here you can find info on our coming restocks as well 

Last Updated On: 13th June 2019


Massive June Shipments (Yellow Highlighted - Arrived Already)

Acebeam - X70, T27, X80GT, X65 Mini, W30, TK16 CU New Stocks + Restocks

Rofis - NEW BRAND INTRODUCTION L Shaped Rotatable Head

Klarus - REstock for AR10, XT12GT + S1 Ti-Scal introduction

Fenix - Restock + New LR40R + HM50R + Others

Ruike - Cool new multi-tools

Cold Steel - Restock for double agent I, Balicki Sticks, african walking sticks, more training tools luzon restocks, machetes & SRKs

Fireflies - E07 restock for both CW & NW, cool new E07 CU + E01 model

DQG - Restock after multi-year hiatus for fairy brass, spy & hobi models (different materials and tints)

Nitecore - General restocks + 1/2 new models as they come out in June

Olight - Restock for S1R + batteries & others 

CRKT - New Provoke Kinematic + Restocks

Kershaw - Restocks + New Products

Mateminco - Astrolux manufacturer cool new throwers and rainbow-coloured lights coming in

Resqme - Restock for alarms

Boker Plus - Restock + New Multi-Tools

WESN Restock 

Other New Blade Brands 

New Nitize tools 

New Civivi stuff 

Barebones brand introduction blades and stuff

Keybars Restocks

Spyderco Restocks 

GP Batteries Restocks

Near End Of June: Thrunite Restocks for Catapult V6 (CW/NW) + TC20 & others