Pre-Orders & Shipments

Item currently not in stock? Want first dibs on our next shipment? Place a pre-order with us now and you will be informed here on the approximate shipment date and when your item has arrived. Inform us via either email ( or whatsapp and we will put you on the list

You can also place special orders for knives & tools not listed in our store. Here you can find info on our coming restocks as well 

Last Updated On: 2nd May 2019


May Shipments (Yellow Highlighted - Arrived Already)

Klarus - NEW 360 degree tailcap + More CH1X + XT32/XT11GT restocks & others - here & updated

Emisar - New D18 + Others coming in - here & updated

Jetbeam - Restocks for popular WL-20 + Others - here & updated

Acebeam - New restock for X45,T27,K65 & others 

Rofis - Brand introduction

New Knifes from Kershaw, CRKT, Cold Steel & Others!

New Machetes/Walking Sticks/Whips will be made available as well

SP2 Firefly - More tritium vials coming

TEC Accessories - Restock + New secret item coming

Olight - Restock for M1T/M1X & Others+ NEW R50 Pro Seeker 2

MecArmy - Restock for 10180 batteries, B20 cases & other items

Fenix - Restock for most items including popular CL26R

NexTorch - Restock for certain items

MXJO - Batteries will be restocked

EagleTac - TBC