Our Stocking Policy

What should retailers care most about? 


Their customers well-being, safety & happiness should be paramount. This applies directly to how we choose which products to keep in stock & which not to


(1) We will not stock products that have a history of an abnormally high defect rate which we have experienced before. This compromises on the customers ability to do their job & safety in the aspects of their job. Wherever possible, we will give disclaimers if customers still choose to purchase that particular product. E.g. we do not stock crappy low-end brands from China that spoils within a few months of usage

(2) We will not stock products from suppliers that show a blatant disregard or uncaring attitude towards returns or defective product. Such behaviour compromises on our ability to provide customers a comprehensive warranty service

(3) We will not stock products from suppliers who treat customers like idiots. E.g. Ultrafire products whose mAh ratings are so fake they are laughable. E.g. The Shadowhawk/LumiTact & countless other scam brands that inflate their lumens numbers and price and rip-off dozens of local customers