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Olight MCC3 2A 2020 Red Magnetic Charging Fast USB Cable for the M2R Pro, S1R II, S2R II, H2R, Baton Pro Series


Charge your light on the go with this compact charging cable. Magnetic charging cable originally produced for M2R Pro Warrior to charge at 2A. Also compatible with Baton Pro, S1R, S1R II, S10R III, S2R, S2R II, S30R III, Seeker 2, Seeker 2 Pro, H1R, H2R, M2R, Warrior X and PL-Pro and will charge these models at appropriate charge currents.

With a 2A charging current, this cable delivers the power you need to make sure your light is in proper working condition. Easily charge your light up in the comfort of your own home or on-the-go with the MCC3.

This MCC3 cable will be for all the above stated models plus any new models released in 2020 & beyond

This charger can be easily distinguished from the older cables with its red back