Noctigon Meteor M43 Searchlight 12 x XP-G2 Stone White/Dark Grey Finish 7,010-7,450 Lumens Tiny Monster (Cool White/Neutral White)

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The M43 from Noctigon is back in stock! This >7,000 lumens tiny monster is available in both cool white & neutral white now & in dark grey (black) & stone white body colour


Available Colors

  • Stone White
  • Dark Grey 


Available LED / Tints

  • Cool White XP-G2 S4 2B - For absolute power 
  • NW XP-G2 S3 3D - For better colour rendition outdoors & better penetration of smoke/fog/haze


Led & Tint OTF Lumens Peak Beam Intensity (Throw Power)  Kelvin
CW S4 2B  7450lm  33,600cd 5700K 
NW S3 3D  7010lm 32,000cd 4885K
- - - -



***Due to the high current drain this light is capable of, any cells used should be capable of at least 10A continuous current draw***
Batteries must be button top & unprotected/high-drain

Supported batteries:

1) LG MJ1 3500mAh Button Top 10A (Recommended) 

2) LG HG2 3000mAh Button Top 20A (Recommended)

3) AW IMR 18650 2200mAh Button Top 20A




  • CNC machined from aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Efficient Carclo Triple LED optics
  • Unihead construction, with anodization removed in areas of peak thermal transfer
  • Massive direct thermal path copper MCPCB with wide and thick 3 oz. traces hosts 12 LEDs
  • Berllium-Copper springs with 45% IACS provide extremely low resistance 
  • User programmable output levels and various customization options
  • Multi-color RGB battery charge level indicator works when the light is on and offALPS brand electronic soft touch switch, with a 1,000,000 rated cycle life4x18650 cells in parallel configuration
    • When the light is off, the battery indicator can be used as a locating light, beacon, or can be disabled
  • Thermal output regulation
  • Constant current output bost driver
  • High efficiency, high power converter
  • Made with US, Korean, and Japanese electronic components
  • Waterproof and dustproof to IP67 standard
  • Type III hard anodized surface finish



  • Length: 98mm
  • Head Diameter: 63mm
  • Body Diameter: 50mm



  • Flashlight
  • Holster
  • Spare O-ring
  • Lanyard


1 Year Full Repair Warranty