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Nitecore NTR10 Tactical Ring (For NEW P12, P22R, CI7, i4000R, P10 v2, P20 v2, MH12 v2)


The NTR10 clip-on tactical ring will take your NITECORE tactical flashlights to the next level. This handy ring will snap onto the available slots of the NEW P12, P22R and more to provide alternative grip positions for enhanced manipulations. The NTR10 preserves all the functionality of the metal clip and can allow for the carry of the attached flashlight in pocket, belt, or bag.
The NTR10 features a lateral ball-and-socket joint in the base of the ring, which allows for a flexible increase in maximum overall diameter for when used in conjunction with thick heavy duty gloves.


  • Metal Clip Length - 2.1 in
  • Metal Clip Width - 1.0 in
  • Ring Height - 1.3 in
  • Ring Width - 0.5 in
  • Ring Inner Diameter - 1.0 in

Compatible Models

  • NEW P12
  • P22R
  • CI7
  • i4000R
  • P10 v2
  • P20 v2
  • MH12 v2