Nitecore NTP10 Titanium Self-Defence Tactical Pen

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Titanium Pen NTP10

A discreet, indestructible pen that doubles as a glass breaker and self defense tool

Hollowed out from a solid block of titanium, this pen is unbreakable, will not stain, will not rust, does not peel, doubles as a glass breaker and self defense tool, looks insanely cool and comes in a swanky aluminium case. I don’t know a better writing instrument then this. Did we mention it can write on any surface, is waterproof and works even in space? 

The tungsten steel tip makes it an effective window breaker. A deep carry pocket clip makes sure it remains discreet in your pocket. 

It also comes with a Fisher pressurised cartridge that's waterproof, temperature proof and can be used to write upside down and of course if you ever need to write something in space, you can.A superb companion for business wear and an exquisite gift for anyone.


What's in the box

  • Titanium Pen NTP10
  • Titanium pocket clip
  • Fisher Space Pen pressurised refill
  • Tungsten Steel Tapered Tip
  • Matt finish aluminium case