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Nitecore HU60 1600 Lumens Wireless Control Spotlight/Floodlight Headlamp


World's First Adjustable E-Focus Beam, Spotlight to Floodlight and everything in between.


SPOTLIGHT / FLOODLIGHT / MIXED - 100% spotlight gives you a powerful beam that reaches 162m, ideal for exploration and search and rescue. At 100% floodlight you get 170 degrees of illumination that covers almost everything in front of you, great for biking or running at night. No more twisting or changing headlamps to the right beam, it's all built into one single HU60.

UNLIMITED POWER OPTIONS - Power it by any external USB power source with at least 2A output. This reduces the weight of the headlamp because of the external battery setup, significantly lowering fatigue during use.

This also means as long as you have a compatible USB power source, the HU60 can continue to function. Nitecore NPB series waterproof power banks have a built-in lock to attach to the HU60's USB cable, guaranteeing a secure connection.

HEADBAND DIVERTS SWEAT - Highly elastic, breathable and lightweight, a silicone strip hidden in the band diverts sweat to the side of the head instead of your eyes. Reflective strips on the back help with safety and visibility.

SIMPLE, EASY CONTROLS - One button turns the headlamp on and off. The other two buttons to change the focus of the flood and spot. It's that simple!

It comes with a three-button wireless wristband remote that provides quick, easy access to all of the HU60's functions, especially useful if you're in a tight spot.




What's in the Box

  • 1x HU60 Headlamp
  • 1x With or Without NPB1 5000mAh Waterproof power bank (choose from drop down menu above)
  • 2x USB Cable Clips
  • 1x Headband
  • 2x Spare Switch Cover
  • 1x Remote Control + Hook-and-loop Wristband