NexTool TaoBar Sandvik Blade Non-Stick Telfon EDC Multi Tool

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Taobar is a key-shaped multi-function EDC tool, so small and light that you can easily carry it with your keys every day. It features the sickle-typed design and non-stick Teflon coating, masterly hiding the blade by the unique hook design to protect your products from damage and preventing sticky materials and dirt building up while unpacking, safer and cleaner.

Not only can it be a box opener, but also a multi-purpose tool functioning as a flathead screwdriver, nail remover, bottle opener and cutter, making it super versatile and useful. With the exquisite key size, functional diversity and great portability and practicality, the Taobar is a really good choice both for personal use and gift giving.



● Non-stick Teflon Coating

Keep the blade clean, whilst preventing sticky materials and dirt building up

● Unique Cutting Hook

Safely open package without worrying about damaging the products inside

● Durable Folding Cutter

Cutting edge made of Sweden Sandvik® steel, sturdy enough to slice through even 4mm cardboard

● EDC Tool for Safety

With the hooked blade, able to be used to cut seat belt in an emergency when you needs

● Multi-tool

Not only a cutter but a versatile tool with more frequently-used functions

● Only 16.1 grams in weight

Light weight and easy to carry around

● Idea key-shaped

Easily attach to an existing key ring, compact enough to fit in the pocket