NexTool Defender KT5501 Aluminium Tactical Pen with Glass Breaker Tungsten Steel Tip

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The Defender KT5501 offers writing and self defence functionality that poses no problems at custom crossings & security checkpoints

The tail of this tool is hardened with a special tungsten carbide, making it effective as a striking head. The body of the pen uses 6061-T6 anodized aerospace grade materials meeting US military grade III standards of hardness.

The core of the pen uses the original US Fisher outer space pen core, known for strength and durability. The well integrated design is simple and visually impressive



The qualities of steel with the indestructibility of tungsten

Tungsten steel hardness at over HR90 leaves a clear scratch on glass, shatters the tempered glass used in car windows, successfully providing an emergency escape from the car

Well formed exterior

Aerospace Aluminum Alloy 6061-T6 with military grade III hardness from oxidation. The product has higher strength and better corrosion resistance as well as being lightweight

Inner wisdom at the core (Fisher Space Pen SPR4 - Black Refill) 

The U.S. space shuttle quality core withstands temperatures - ranging from 30℃ to 121℃, lets you write at any angle (even without gravity), stores a lot of ink, and the ink kept at 30℃ can be stored for 100 years