MecArmy - Vintage Titanium 2 Way Carabiner (CH22)

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  • Innovative vintage Titanium Carabiner Keyring
  • Double sided design to carry keys, EDC gear
  • Made of TC4 Titanium, anti-corrosion, anti-rust, long lifetime
  • Innovative spring structure created using titanium’s tensile strength
  • Easily changed double panels
  • CNC Integrated cutting process for a flawless finish



Material: TC4 Titanium

Length: 80mm/3.149in

Width: 26.5mm/ 1.043in

Thickness: 8mm/ 0.315in

Weight: 20g/ 0.705oz

Press times: >8000 cycle operating life

Biggest pull tension: 50kg

Maximum press opening distance: round side 7mm, other side 10mm

Noted: Attempting to press more than the maximum opening distance, may cause deformation

Warning: DO NOT Use for Climbing