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MecArmy - Titanium Utility Knife With Tritiums (EK16) (1 Green, 1 Ice Blue)

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EK16 is a new utility knives, bigger than EK12 but more useful, the size is comfortable for use. Crafted from TC4 titanium and blade comes from SATA 93434A which makes it easier to replace blade if needed. At the tail of the handle, there's a lanyard/paracord hole which can be also used as a hexagon screwdriver (6.35mm). On two sides of the handle front, there're 4 glow bar slots, it provides a capability for DIY installing glow bars (glow bar size: 1.5*6.0mm).

The blade can be used both of side , Includes 2 tritiums



Handle material: TC4 Titanium

Blade: SATA 93434A

Overall length: 96.8mm/3.81''

Handle length: 74.35mm/2.927''

Handle width: 31.4mm/1.236''

Handle thickness (exclude locking screw): 9mm/0.354''

Net weight: 38g/1.34oz


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