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MecArmy B20 Compact Waterproof Case (4 Colours)


MecArmy's B20 mini waterproof case fits your tactical EDC needs. Made in just the right size, this case fits small torchlights, knives, batteries and anything else that comes in a similar size. It's waterproof feature allows it to be brought out for fishing, camping and outdoor adventures. Comes with foam padding which can be plucked out in squares to fit the exact size of your gear!




  • Made from non-toxic plastic, the B20 has a matte anti-scratch finish and is incredibly durable
  • It is waterproof and can be submerged up to 2 meters in the water!
  • It’s also impact resistant and can withstand heat up to 120° C (248°F).
  • It features two latches that secure the B20 shut and the neoprene o-ring keeps water and dirt out of the box
  • Inside the B20, you’ll find protective foam; the bottom one can be removed and you can form it around each individual item in your edc gear



Comes in 4 colours: Black, Orange, Green & Brown