Lumintop Tool Copper XP-G2 R5 110 Lumens Special Edition AAA Flashlight

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The Lumintop Tool AAA is a superb AAA powerful flashlight with 3 different modes & 3 different versions (copper, magnet & regular). The clip on the Tool AAA for all 3 versions is reversible. The copper version is also available in neutral Nichia 219 tint!


Copper (Cu)

Get a flashlight in a rare material - Cu. Copper stands out from the many aluminium, stainless steel & even titanium flashlights in the market. Copper has excellent heat sinking capabilities & forms its own distinct apperance over time. Copper can also be cleaned & polished over time. This light is a must-have for all flashlight collectors 


Clicky AAA - A rare breed

The Lumintop Tool AAA Copper XP-G2 R5 is one of only a few AAA lights with a clicky switch at the back. It also features the latest Cree XP-G2 R5 LED which is one of the most widely used LEDs in smaller lights. Most AAA flashlights are twistys 


Video Review (of non-copper version)




-3 Light Modes:32lm (10 hours) - 5lm(60 hours) - 110lm(0.5 hours)
-Max Range: 47m
-Battery type: AAA battery*1
-Operating Voltage: 0.9~1.5V
-Digitally regulated output maintains constant brightness
-Length: 3.16” (80mm)
-Body Diameter: 0.56” (14mm)
-Weight: 0.53oz (15g) (without battery)
-Material: Full Copper 
-Waterproof: IPX-8
User Interface
Tool AAA Copper flashlight has 3 light modes. Press the switch to activate the flashlight in “medium” mode when it is off, and then turn it off and on again within 3 seconds to activate it in “low” mode. Press again immediately to get 'high' mode (or just half-press to toggle once its on). At any brightness level, if you turn it off for more than 3 seconds and then turn it on again, the light mode will reset to “medium” mode.
2 Years Full Repair Warranty

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    Great light, well worth the money. And FSTOP'S service was top notch.

    Posted by Peter on 16th Nov 2015

    This is my first Lumintop light, and i am very pleased with the quality. Top notch fit, finish, functioning, and pakaging. The finish was beautifully polished without a single flaw. Brightness in the different modes was as advertised, so I'm happy there were no surprises there. I would have given this light 5 stars, and turned around and bought a few more of these, but there are a few points that keep it from being perfect in my eyes (that have nothing to do with the quality). Everybody has their own preferences, and you can't please them all. Some may actually not even see these next points as detractors. So obviously I am biased towards my own personal preferences.

    1.-this light has a cool white tint to the beam. I prefer a warmer neutral white, and would have bought that if available, but the cool white tint of this light is not unpleasantly so- Just a pure white hotspot with with only a little purple tint in the outer part of the spill, but nothing too bad.

    2.-This light has PWM in all modes except maximum. (Same thing as the flickering of the tail lights on the majority of the cars on the road that have LED tail lights). Some lights that use PWM are worse than others and I Think that it has to do with the speed or frequency of the pulses. This is about in the mid range and not too annoying, but it is certainly noticeable when things are moved in front of the beam. Some people are more sensitive to it than others, and some HATE PWM flickering. Some don't care one way or the other. This is less noticeable than other lights that I have given away because of the pwm. Not too bad.

    3.-The tail switch is a little prone to being accidentally activated when clipped in your pocket. Happened to me once so far while wearing blue jeans. (I'm sure it wouldn't happen with dress slacks because of the looseness and position of the pocket in comparison to jeans.) It is because of 2 reasons: 1- the switch end of the light sticks out of the pocket about 22 mm when clipped . A clip that allowed the light to ride deeper in the pocket would have been better. And 2- the switch protrudes past the switch guards about 3 mm. Higher switch guards, or a lower profile switch would keep this from happening. That being said, the switch has a good quality feel to it, and the light is easy to operate the way the switch sticks out. If you protected the switch TOO much, it would be too hard to activate. I bought this light for more formal occasions when I don't want to carry my normal (and bigger) edc light and I'll be wearing dress pants so I think it's going to work fine for that role.

    Good points:
    1.- nice beam profile. Nice large hot spot which is what you want for an edc light. No annoying rings or artifacts, and a fairly gentle transition from the hotspot to spillbeam.

    2.-the clip is strong and has grooves that it rides in so it stays put on the light really well. A lot of lights Don't have deep enough clip grooves and the clip will slip out too easily. This one holds tight and has perfect tension on the pocket.

    3.-nice compact size, but not so small that it's hard to operate. They got it just right.

    4.- very good max brightness for an aaa light.

    5.- perfect mode spacing. I always complain that most lights don't have a low that's low enough, but this one is just right . Too bad its not the first mode. I like my lights to come on in low mode. And I should mention that a fourth, instant access Moonlight mode at .5 lumens or less would have been nice, especially for an edc light like this.

    6.- Forward clicky switch on the tail end.. I'm glad someone still has it figured out. I hate side switches on small lights, or twistys, or ones you have to hold down for more than 1 second to activate.

    7.- Well machined threads that were well lubed from the factory. The outside of the light was nice and clean.

    8 - Good looking light. Perfectly polished.

    9.- Glow in the dark o ring in the head is a nice touch.

    10.-reversible clip, so that you can wear it on the brim of a hat if you like.

    11.- Knurling has decent grip but not so aggressive that it will tear up your pocket .

    Just in case you didn't already know, copper has excellent thermal transfer properties and obviously is very attractive, but it is a very soft metal and will get marks, dings, and scratches much easier than hard anodized aluminum, stainless steel or (obviously) titanium. It also tarnishes quickly if it is not coated with some sort of varnish or lacquer. Therefore it will be very hard to keep this light looking like new. Most fans of copper know this and have come to enjoy the patina and character that results from age and use.