Lumintop BLF GT XHP-35 HI Neutral White >2,000 Lumens 2,000-3,000 Meters EPIC THROW MONSTER

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A New Dawn Has Come! The BLF GT from Lumintop is THE most powerful searchlight out there @ more than 2,000 meters (minimum throw). The GT was an initiative by the flashlight community to build the most powerful long-distance searchlight ever (>2~3km). It uses 08 x 18650 rechargeable batteries and the size of the battery tube gives the light a good balance.

The Cree XHP-35 HI LED and deep reflector gives the GT unprecedented throw and its neutral white tint allows it to penetrate easily past smoke, mist and fog. A more advanced user interface can also be programmed for the light itself (see user manual) 





Emitter: 12V Cree XHP-35 HI Neutral White, Mounted on Copper DTP MCPCB for effective heat transmission

Brightness: >2,000 Lumens

Intensity/Distance: >1Mcd (ANSI throw >2,000m)

Firmware: Tom E's open source NarsilM v1.2

UI (Default): Smooth Ramping UI (press and hold and the brightness will gradually increase or decrease). Instant Turbo from a double click. Turn off with a single click. Moon mode from off press the button and release as soon as light turns on. To get strobe, double click to turbo and then double click again.

Battery: 4 (with purchase of optional shorter tube) or 8 18650 button top cells (protected) are recommended. Not included with torchlight.

Driver: 35W, 2.5A regulated buck driver with conversion efficiency that exceed 90%

Reflector: 118mm ID, aluminium, smooth finish

Lens: Glass with anti-reflective coating

Body: Aluminium with Type III hard-coat anodizing

Tripod socket: Standard 1/4 inch threaded (1/4-20 UNC)

Button: Tactile with back-lit rubber boot

Ingress rating: Equivalent to IP65

Weight: Approximately 1.8kg without cells

Dimensions: 135mm (Head) x 315mm (Length)