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LED Lenser M1R 1000 Lumens 180 Meters Rechargeable Focusable Flashlight (18650 Battery Included)

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Ledlenser Torch M1R

Sensational brightness for the trouser pocket!
The M1R is an innovative high-end torch from ledlenser with 1000 lumens brightness and a beam range up to 180 meters.

Intelligent Smart Light Technology
With the intelligent Smart Light Technology, 4 light modes are available:
High-power high light output with 1000lm for every situation.
Mid-Power medium light output with 200 lm for halls or in the house.
Low Power-economical light with 10 lm for long periods, glare-free reading and working
Strobe flash with irritating blinding effect etc. in self-defense against animals or to arouse attention

Advanced focus system
The well thought out Advanced Focus System enables a continuous and cut through focus the light cone. Thus there is permanently a homogeneous circle of light and thanks to the X lens technology is a strongly bundled spot light is generated.

Temperature Control System
For optimal heat dissipation, the temperature control system. Special cooling fins and optimal heat dissipation in the lamp head allow for a long service life and protects the LED.

Xtreme LED
It was a powerful and long-lasting Xtreme LED installed the ahnelndes light produce a bright and natural light with a color temperature of 6000 to 8000 Kelvin.

Front switch
The front switch switch allows a one-handed operation and produces a soft transition of the light functions without verre issen of the light cone. The LED charging and battery status display is integrated in the switch. Thus, you are constantly informed about the status when charging and the battery pack.

Dust and splash-proof casing is extremely robust, durable and handy. In addition, the lamp with a balanced and comfortable handling. The high-performance battery 18650 Li-ion has a capacity of 3400 mAh. The Li-ion technology impresses with its longevity, with minimal self-discharge, high energy density and efficient charging and discharging capabilities. With the enclosed USB cable, the lamp can also, for example, via a USB plug-in charger or a power bank can be charged.
The brightness of 1000 lumens was a light bulb of approx. 75 W comply with the torch this LUMINOSITY with innovative light mirrors is focused and thus against a 360° light cone, on a focused surface radiates.

An LED torch which offers a reliable companion for a long time, and you each time anew with its high quality and high luminosity.


Highlights & Details

  • 3 brightness levels and strobe function
  • More homogeneous circle of light and sharp focused beam
  • Temperature Control System


  • 3 light modes high, mid and low-power
  • Strobe function
  • Intelligent Smart Light Technology (SLT)
  • Advanced Focus System (AFS)
  • X lens technology for a track send light beam
  • Controlled by microprocessor
  • More homogeneous circle of light and sharp focused beam
  • High-quality reflector lenses
  • Water and dust proof
  • Front switch on the lamp head for single-handed operation
  • Soft transition of the light functions
  • LED status indicator in the switch
  • Focusable with one hand
  • State-of-the-art battery technology for a short charging time
  • Temperature Control System
  • Special cooling fins on the lamp head
  • Robust and shock-resistant aluminum housing
  • Battery pack can be replaced
  • High-quality battery pack with minimal self-discharge
  • Can be used upright, and as a space of light

Included in the box

  • Torch M1R
  • Clip
  • Belt holster
  • Rechargeable battery
  • USB cable
  • Wrist strap
  • User manual.