Klarus CH1 Li-Ion/Ni-Mh Hybrid Smart Ultra-Compact Powerbank Single-Bay Charger

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The ultra-compact CH1 USB Charger from Klarus can act as a powerbank for your phone with a lithium battery. It also supports Ni-Mh (AA,AAA) charging in addition to Li-Ion (18650,16340,14500) batteries 



• Input Voltage:Nominal voltage 5-12Vdc,Variation range: 4.75-15Vdc
• Output Characteristics:  Charging4.2V/1.5V1A,Discharge 5V/1A
• Lithium battery pre-charging function: if the battery voltage is lower than 3.0V, a reduced 0.36A current is activated to pre-charge the battery and prevent damage
• LED Function Indicator
  Charging: Red  Full: Green
  If the battery is inserted reversely, the red and green lights will flash alternately
• When charging a lithium battery, during charge the blue light in the USB discharge port will be off; if the blue light in the USB discharge port is illuminated, this indicates that charging is not occuring.
• Size:84*36*27mm
• Weight:40g
• Operating Temperature: 0°C-40°C (Full load, Normal operation)
• Relative Humidity:5%(0°C)~90%(40°C), 72 hours ( Full load, Normal operation)
• Storage Temperature: -20°C to 85°C



• Compatible with multi-class rechargeable batteries 
  Li-ion: 10440-26650    Ni-MH: AA AAA C
• Compact and lightweight, easy to carry 
• Lithium battery pre-charge function 
• Automatically identifies battery type and chooses the correct charging mode. Lithium batteries are charged with constant current and voltage mode while Ni MH and Ni Cd battery are charged with pulse mode
• Advanced short-circuit , overcurrent,and overcharge protection , Self-locking protection function
• Capable of charging in the car using a car charging cable
• Certified by CE, FCC, C-Tick, RoHS