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Keyport RuSH™ Multi-Purpose Tool


Designed originally as a handy Anywhere Tools Module removal tool, we just couldn’t stop adding features. It includes a bottle opener, suspension hook, and is easily removed/added to the Keyport Pivot without disassembly. The suspension hook is a great way to carry the Keyport Pivot or Slide 3.0 dangling in your pocket from a belt loop.

Remove / Screw / Hang - The RuSH Multi-Purpose Tool makes removing modules, particularly stacked modules, a piece of cake. The RuSH Tool doubles as a suspension hook and features a bottle opener and flathead screwdriver to tighten / loosen the Pivot screw. In addition, the RuSH Tool can be stowed in a Pivot without having to disassemble it. You can just easily stow it in your bag or on a standard keychain via the 4MM aperture. How will you put it to use?


- Module remove pin
- Bottle opener
- Suspension hook
- Remove/add to Keyport Pivot w/o disassembly
- 5 multi-tool features


Bottle Opener • Pivot Pin Driver • Module Removal Pin • 3/4” Ruler • Suspension Hook


Materials: TPU & 1.5MM Nylon Paracord
Dimensions: L: 1.770” W: 0.368” T: 0.189" 
Weight: 0.20 oz.