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Jetbeam Mini One SE 500 Lumens USB-C RGB+UV Rechargeable Affordable GITD Keychain Light


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Looking for an affordable & strong alternative to the Rovyvon & Nitecore TIKI mini lights? The Mini One SE could be your poison for just S$30! Comes with USB-C charging, red/green/blue/uv side lights, a glow in the dark body as well as a blinding 500 lumens main white light in front.

Main Features & Specifications

  • Brightness & Output (White): Turbo (500 lumens for 10 minutes), High (200 lumens for 20 minutes), Medium (100 lumens for 35 minutes), Low (35 lumens for 1.5 hours), Eco (1 lumen for 15 hours), Coloured Lights (150 Lumen each)
  • Several light outputs including UV, Red, Green, and Blue modes for night vision preservation, counterfeit identification, or as an indictator at night
  • 500 lumen main output is great for walking at night or for light in a pinch
  • Glow-in-the-dark body provides flood light that isn't dependent on the battery pack
  • Built-in USB-C fast charging for refueling on-the-go

Multi-Purpose EDC Keychain Light

The JETBeam Mini One SE combines multiple outputs, features, and more into one must-have keychain light. The main LED outputs an incredible 500 lumens that throws up to 85 meters away which is ideal for walking at night, finding lost objects, or any time you need illumination in a pinch.

Side LED Options + GITD Body

In addition to the main output, there are 3 color outputs and a single UV LED on the side panel. A red, green, and blue LED that toggles through those three colors and is great for map reading or as a safety indicator. The UV light is ideal for counterfeit identification and more! Even if power is depleted, there is always the glow-in-the-dark body of the Mini One SE to give you some peripheral light thanks to a bioluminescent and transparent body material.

Built-in USB-C Charging

A built-in lithium-ion 120mAh battery pack keeps the Mini One SE running in peak condition. When you quickly need to refuel, simply use the built-in USB-C port to plug it in and recharge. A charging indicator light will glow red while charging and green when fully charged so you know when it's time to go.