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Jetbeam Mini One 500 Lumens USB-C Rechargeable Keychain Light with Red, Green, Blue and UV Output

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JETBeam Mini One

500 Lumens and 85m of Throw

For a keychain light that does it all, you can't go wrong with the JETBeam Mini One. This compact flashlight features a CREE XP-G3 white LED for every day usage, with an 85m throw that's roughly the length of a football field! Whether you're going on a late walk or searching for your car keys, the Mini One has you covered with five brightness levels ranging from 500 to 1 lumens.

RGB + UV Auxiliary LEDs

The side of this keylight includes two auxiliary LEDs for red, green, blue, and UV (ultraviolet) lighting. Colored LEDs are ideal for preserving night vision, reading in low-light conditions, and alerting oncoming traffic of your presence. The 365nm UV light can be used to detect oil leaks, counterfeit bills, and messy spills.

Fast USB-C Recharging

It's rare to see USB-C charging in a tiny keychain flashlight, but we definitely aren't complaining! USB-C is quickly becoming the new universal standard, offering faster charge times and reversible charge ports for ease of use. The RGB LED will change from red to green when your light is fully charged.

New! There's a lockout function for the Mini One such that it wouldn't accidentally turn on in your pocket or keychain 


Lockout: With the light on, press the Power button three times to turn on the UV light and hold the power button until the light flashes twice and then goes off.


Unlock: In Lock mode, press and hold the power buttons for five seconds to turn on the light.


Notable Features

  • Tri-LED design featuring white, red, green, blue, and UV output modes
  • 85m (279ft) of throw for nighttime runs or outdoor adventures
  • Fast USB-C charging for 120mAh battery pack with 15 hours of runtime
  • Stainless steel construction rated 1.5m drop and IPX8 water resistance
  • Fits in pocket, or use paracord hole for keychains and lanyards


Brightness and runtime: 500 lm (0.17h), 200 lm (0.33h), 100 lm (0.58h), 35 lm (1.5h), 1 lm (15h)

Throw distance: 85m

Material: Stainless Steel

Dimensions: 2.14" (L) x 0.57" (Head Diameter)0.52" (Body Diameter)