Jetbeam Medium Holster JB03 BA20/BC25/PA20/PC25/RRT2/DDA20

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This JETBeam brand Medium covered padded nylon holster is constructed of high quality materials and put together with great care so it will last for years under heavy abuse. The top flap fastens over and secures your flashlight using a heavy duty velcro fastener for a strong hold yet allows easy access. The nylon strap on the back of the holster fastens with a heavy duty button snap as well as velcro and fits around most size belts(up to 2 1/2"). The sides are made of an elastic that will stretch around and snugly fit most of the JETBeam lights it is designated to fit. The following JETBeam flashlights will fit in this holster (* marks any flashlight with a not-so-perfect fit but has still proven to be acceptable).
Will fit; *BA20, BC25, *PA20, PC25, RRT2, 3M, DDA20, DDC25, DDR26