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IJK Local Custom-Made MT-G2 P60 Drop-In 1,750 Lumens (4000K/5000K)

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Update April 2016: A new batch of these have just been restocked!

This P60 drop-in with a massive MT-G2 LED inside is custom made by a local modder. Fits all Surefire lights & Solarforce lights (do not use on the P1s, L2Es, L2Bs)


*Price is for 1 piece only*

*For drop-ins purchased in-store, we will wrap copper tape around the drop-in for free for a good fit in your host for better heat sinking*



MT-G2 4000K/5000K Selectable

At 4.2A driven lumens for this MT-G2 drop-in is approximately 1,500-1,750 OTF Lumens 

Direct Bonded to Copper MCPCB

4.2A Current Regulated 

6 to 8.4V (2 x 3.7V only) - recommended batteries AW IMR 18350 High Drain Batteries to fit in Solarforce hosts

Low Medium High (No Memory)

Solder Filled Pill for added thermal mass

OP Reflector



***The Solarforce tailcap can only take 3.0A officially, this drop-in drives to 4.2A. Tailcaps are still able to work but long-term effects are unknown. We are not responsible for any spoilt tailcaps (which can be replaced at our store through purchasing the spare Solarforce tailcaps)***

***This is an enthusiasts toy - long use on high is NOT recommended***

***6 Months warranty is given provided drop-in guidelines are followed*** - will be passed back to maker for repair

*No reverse polarity protection*

*No Low voltage warning*

*Will become hot on High Mode*

*Ensure tight fit with the host for heat to be dissipated*

*Do not leave running unattended*

*Do not point at eyes at close range*




6 months warranty from maker modules will be sent back for repair provided they are not misused