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GermEvader Hygiene Tool (100% Copper, Two Finger Grip for More Leverage)


Meet the GermEvader! Your personal germ ninja helping you fend off the repulsive germs that surround us in this crazy world by eliminating direct contact with every day objects we encounter. It can help you open doors, push buttons, twist levers and even help you push or pull your shopping cart. In all reality the uses are endless!

Versus other hygiene tools, the GermEvader is the only one that allows you to hook 2 fingers through to open heavier glass doors much more easily in addition to its other uses. Also 100% copper which is antimicrobial. Combine with other good hygiene habits for best effectiveness! 



- 100% pure copper
-The copper is not coated and it will patina with time
-Curved hook to eliminate slipping off door hands or other objects
-Rounded/slanted pointers for easy use on touchscreens or buttons (may not work with all touchscreens)
-Recessed for latches and switches
-Attachment hole
-Large finger holes for easy use
-Will not rust
-Made In the USA