EagleTac SX30L3 Pro XHP-70.2 P2 3,650 Lumens 337 Meters 3 x 18650 Flashlight (Includes Diffuser)

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Technical Specifications


Head Dia.
1.85 inches (47 mm)
Body Dia.
1.8 inches (45.5 mm)
5.9 inches (150 mm)
12.3 ounces (350 grams)1

Battery Type

Operating voltage

  • 5.4V - 19V
  • All batteries are connected in series. Do not exceed 19V. Do not use six 3.7V RCR123A.

What's included?

  • SX30L3 Pro flashlight
    • Tailcap with switch and tail-standing ability
    • Stainless steel bezel
    • Heavy duty nylon holsterw/ self-retention device and open-top design
    • Add-on diffuser filter with flip-over feature
  • Spare o-rings
  • User Manual
  • Mil-Spec Para-cord Lanyard w/ quick attachment clip
  • 3xCR123A Battery Magazines

Replaceable items

  • Lens


    • CREE XHP70.2 P2 Cool White LED
    • CREE XHP70.2 Nuetral White LED

Max output

  • CREE XHP70.2 P2 Cool White LED
    • LED lumen: 4350
    • ANSI FL-14 lumen: 3650

Beam Profile

CREE XHP70.2 P2 Cool White LED 

  • Center lux: 28,400 lux
  • Center spot angle: x°
  • Spill light angle: x°
  • Beam distance: 367 yards / 337 meters


  • Waterwhite glass lens w/ harden treatment
  • Multi-layers low color distortation anti-reflective (A.R.) coating on both side (98% transparency) to prevent reflections and color shadow

LED circuit

  • C5600 ST
    • Current regulated buck driver w/ efficiency of up to 93%
    • Wide voltage input range
    • Non-dimming constant current regulation for all output levels without flicking
    • Low battery voltage warning7
    • Energy saving feature5
    • Very low standby current (uA)


  • Aluminum reflector with smooth coating


  • HAIII hard anodization aerospace aluminum


  • IPX-8 standard

Carrying method

  • Para-cord lanyard

Battery arrangement

  • Innovative slot load design
  • No battery tray or battery magazine needed
  • Battery arragement design patent pending in United Status, Hong Kong, and China

Output and Runtime

    • Five brightness levels
      • Led lumen:
      • ANSI FL-1 lumen:
      • Runtime:
      • 1.4/2.3/5.5/15/300 hours (3x18650)
      0.7/1.2/2.8/8.5/180 hours (6xCR123A)
  • Three hidden auxiliary outputs7
    • Disorienting Strobe/Beacon (1.67Hz)/S.O.S.
  • Seven hidden auxiliary outputs7
  • Strobe/Strobe(Var)/Flash(Hi)/S.O.S.(Fast)/S.O.S./Beacon/Flash(Lo)
  • Testing above is performed by 3x18650. See other battery type runtime here.


Basic operations:
  • Turn on the light at MAX output by pressing the BLACK button switch. Turn on the light at LOWEST output by pressing the WHITE button switch
  • To turn off the light anytime, press and release the BLACK button switch.
  • For MAX output momentary on, press and hold the BLACK button switch for immediate output.
  • To switch between different brightness levels, press and release the WHITE button switch when the flashligh is on. 

    (For example: if you want to turn on the flashlight at the 3rd level, just press and release the white button switch three times from off.)
  • To enter hidden auxiliary levels, press and hold the WHITE button switch when the flashligh is on.
  • For instant MAX output - at any output level, press and hold the BLACK button switch. Release the button to return to previous level.
  • For instant Strobe output - at any output level (even) off), double press and hold the BLACK button switch. Release the button to return to previous level (or off).
  • The optional switch button located at the tailcap is treated as the secondary BLACK switch button.


Other features

  • LED direct soldering on copper for maximum heatsink ability
  • User replaceable glass lens
  • Battery reverse polarity protection
  • Ultra low internal resistance phosphor bronze springs (silver coated)
  • Spring loaded positive and negative terminal
  • Tail stand
  • Tail-cap w/ switch for kit model